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The events below are those in which PART has significant participation. The chairman of each event will start looking for volunteer several months in advance, so keep your calendars open!

  Field Day

In the fourth full weekend of June each year US amateur radio operators build stations in fields, parks, and other public places to practice their communication skills. This event runs for 24 hours (2 PM Saturday to 2 PM Sunday) with the intent of sharpening not only operating skills, but organizational skills, deployment, and tear-down.

The Westford club encourages participation by new hams and experienced ones. The point is not only to learn and practice, but to have fun. The slide shows for each of the years shown below highlight that idea very well.

PART Field Day Results

PART Field Day Retrospectives
A humorous look back on a fun weekend

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Charlie, K1PUB, operates the CW station on
Field Day at the Concord Rod & Gun club
Photo credit Bob, N1RXV

  Apple Blossom Parade

Westford holds its annual Apple Blossom Festival in May, and the parade is the highlight of the event. PART has assisted with communications for many years, and the parade managers have counted on PART for this important coordination function. This is a popular event for PART members; it only takes about three hours, there's free parking, and you get to watch the parade up close!

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PART club members Steve, W1KBE, and John, WB1HBE, at the Apple Blossom parade.

  Radio Fox Hunts

Hidden transmitter hunting (Fox Hunts) are very popular in New England, and PART has many active hunters. During spring, summer, and fall, there are usually two or three foxes out in public conservation areas in Westford and the surrounding communities just waiting for you to find them. For more information, see our Fox Hunting page here.
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  Pumpkin Patrol

The PART club has been assisting the Westford Police on Halloween night for 30 years. While the operation is decidedly low key (the presence of a car in, say, a school parking lot discourages "little devils" from visiting), club members have lots of fun. This simple gesture is exemplary of PART's contribution to the community.

Pumpkin Patrol involves the use of Amateur Radio volunteers providing additional eyes and ears to the Town of Westford during the annual Trick or Treat event. Our purpose is to observe and report any potential safety concerns back to the PART Pumpkin Patrol Net Control Station which will be located at the Westford Police station. A report from one of our patrols will get handed off to the Westford PD dispatcher and addressed by the Town's public safety services. Our role is ONLY to report what we see and provide input to our Town's public safety departments.

We normally require 5 - 8 radio operators per "shift" that will patrol various geographical sections of town. Maps and a checklist of locations to watch will be provided when you check-in for your assignment. Check-in occurs at the Westford Police station where we record your call sign and your vehicle information. You do NOT need to be a resident of the Town of Westford to volunteer, but a basic familiarity to the town's geography is a plus!

The normal time for Trick or Treaters is 6 PM until 8 PM. Our activities have varied over the years, but we normally will run the operation from 5:30 PM until 10:00 - 11:00 PM. If the weather is lousy, the net closure time will be adjusted accordingly. We try and accommodate every individual's schedule, we have run with 2 shifts in the past... an early and a late shift. We will accept your offer to assist at any time throughout the course of the evening.

For more info or to volunteer, please contact Terry at
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  Winter Field Day

Winter Field Day Association (WFDA) is a dedicated group of Amateur Radio Operators who believe that emergency communications in a winter environment is just as important as the preparations and practice that is done each summer but with some additional unique operational concerns.

PART held its first Winter Field Day event in January, 2020. We look forward to many more!
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