May 2022 General Meeting

A monthly meeting of PART was held in-person at the Cameron Center and  on Webex on 17 May 2022  at 7:30 PM.

George (K1IG) called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. The president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary were in attendance. 

Membership and treasurer’s reports were given by Alan, W1AHM.

Introductions were  given by the members in attendance.

George remembered Charlie W1ADL, who passed away in the past month.

The new club loaner equipment to get new hams onto HF was discussed. A digital mode interface is being put together for the loaner rig.

Upcoming events were discussed. George noted that events are published on the PART website ( and via email.

The ARRL New England Division director, Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC gave an update on ARRL activities.

George gave an overview on the Field Day plans.

Total attendance was 40 (25 in-person and 15 via Webex).

George closed the meeting at 8:56 PM.