February 2021 General Meeting

Minutes PART Meeting February 16, 2021 
Via Cisco WebEx 
7:32 PM – 8:38 PM EDT 
Officers Present: 
George, K1IG, Pres 
Alan, W1AHM, Treasurer 
Chauncey, K1OPE, Secretary 
Bob, W1IS, Director at Large 

Participants: 26 

George, K1IG, opened the meeting highlighting Bob’s, W1IS and Bob’s, KC1DSQ, article on baluns in the January 2021 issue of CQ magazine. 
K1IG listed upcoming events: 
  1. This year’s Field Day will be held June 26-27th 
    1. Not sure whether this will be held at the Concord Gun Club or not 
    2. Same classes and scoring as in last year’s event. 
  2. QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo on March 12-13th 
    1. Have lined up 80+ speakers; many forums; and a Build-A-Thon 
  3. New England Convention scheduled for September 10-12th 
    1. To be held at the Best Western Royal Plaza in Marlborough 
    2. Northeast HamXposition 
Our speaker for the evening was Rob Macedo, KD1CY, who gave us an introduction to the Eastern Massachusetts ARES and Skywarn operations. 
Rob’s presentation will be available on the WB1GOF website and so will not be summarized here. 

Alan, W1AHM, presented the Treasurer’s report: 
  1. 50 paid members as of the meeting date 
  2. $7,776 balance in the General Fund 
  3. $5,830 in the Repeater Fund 
  4. $1,269 in the Kit Building Fund 
  5. Total cash on hand $14,875. 

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