August 2021 General Meeting

Minutes PART Meeting August 17, 2021 
7:32 PM – 9:05 PM EDT 
Remote via WebEx 
Officers Present: 
  • George, K1IG, Pres 
  • Andy, KB1OIQ, VPres 
  • Alan, W1AHM, Treasurer 
  • Chauncey, K1OPE, Secretary 
  • Bob, W1IS, Director at Large 
Participants: 34 
Alan, W1AHM, gave the Treasurer’s Report: 
  • 96 paid members 
  • $7,455 balance in the General Fund 
  • $6,146 in the Repeater Fund 
  • $1,269 in the Kit Building Fund 
  • Total cash on hand $14,870. 
Announcements from George, K1IG: 
  1. Restart of in-person meetings at the Cameron Senior Center TBD; 
  2. Unsure of the status of the monthly breakfasts but one will be held this September at Paul's Diner; 
  3. Unlikely that license fees will be instituted this year; 
  4. PART elections will be administered by Alan, K1ALL – nominations to be made in October with elections held in November; 
  5. Colin, W1DJR, showed his pictures of the detrimental effects of DEET on plastic such as walkie-talkie cases; 
  6. NE HamXposition, Sept. 10-12 in Marlborough, MA, still on.  Tickets on sale now. 
    1. Saturday, 09/11 at 10 AM, Alan, KD1D, will talk on foxhunting. 
    2. Sunday, 09/12 at 11 AM, Andy, KB1OIQ, will speak on Linux in Your Ham Shack and George, K1IG, will present Giant Antennas of the Navy
The winners of the June, 2021 QST Cover Plaque Award are Bob
, W1IS, and Bob, KC1DSQ for their 40m wire beam article.  This award was presented by George, K1IG, Phil, K9HI, ARRL Vice Director, and Tom, K1TW, Section Manager.
The Bob’s have a couple of other antenna articles published in
CQ Magazine
Lastly, Andy, KB1OIQ, gave a description of all of the features of GridTracker.  This was followed by a live demonstration of the software along with a Q&A session. 
Andy’s slide deck is posted on the WB1GOF website. 

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