September 2020 General Meeting

Minutes PART Meeting September 15, 2020 
Via Cisco Webex 
7:34 PM – 8:49 PM EDT 
Officers Present: 
George, K1IG, Pres 
Andy, KB1OIQ, Vice Pres 
Alan, W1AHM, Treasurer 
Chauncey, K1OPE, Secretary 
Bob, W1IS, Director at Large 
George, K1IG, opened another video meeting of the Club with 36 participants. 
Alan, W1AHM, gave the Treasurer’s report: 
1)  There are 92 paid members as of September 15, 2020; 
2)  Total balance in the cash account is $13,868. 
George, K1IG, introduced our speaker for the evening, Bruce Blain, K1BG. 
Bruce’s talk, written by Joe Fischer, AA8TA, and edited by Bruce was of CWOPS, a world-wide organization devoted to the continual improvement of CW proficiency through a range of activities, including CW training, contests, awards, and rag chewing. 
Bruce’s slide deck is available on the WB1GOF website. 
Bruce is an accomplished CW operator and serves as an advisor and instructor for the CW Academy. 
Their teaching method believes that code sounds should be taught at 20 wpm - aka the Farnsworth model using variable spacing between characters. 
To participate in the CW Academy one needs: 
  1. A paddle 
  2. A keyer 
  3. A computer 
  4. A video camera and microphone. 
The classes are held once a week on Zoom. 
Individual daily practices of 45 minutes are highly recommended. 
There are four tiers to the Academy (check out the curriculum on their website): 
  1. Beginner Level 
    1. Code speed under 10 wpm 
    2. Start head copy 
  2. Basic Level 
    1. Code speed <10 wpm 
    2. Increase head copy 
    3. Introduction to contesting skills 
  3. Intermediate Level 
    1. Increase head copy 
    2. Recognize words as sounds 
  4. Advance Level 
    1. Head copy at 15+ wpm 
    2. Recognize phrases as sounds 
Bruce described his involvement in the Youth Program: 9-19 year olds. 
They are always seeking volunteers. 
If there is any interest sign up at
A Q&A session followed.  A lot of questions and suggestions on which paddle should you get. 
George wrapped up the meeting by announcing next month’s speaker – Doug, K4DSP, from North Carolina on antenna tuners. 

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