August 2020 General Meeting

  1. Minutes PART Meeting August 18, 2020 
  2. Via Cisco Webex 
  3. 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM EDT 
  5. Officers Present: 
  6. George, K1IG, Pres 
  7. Andy, KB1OIQ, Vice Pres 
  8. Alan, W1AHM, Treasurer 
  9. Chauncey, K1OPE, Secretary 
  10. Bob, W1IS, Director at Large 
  12. George, K1IG, opened another video meeting of the Club with 35 participants. 
  14. Alan, W1AHM, gave the Treasurer’s report: 
  15. 1)  There are 91 paid members as of today, August 18, 2020; 
  16. 2)  Total balance in the cash account is $13,740. 
  18. Hugh, N1QGE, announced two new members: 
  19. Gary, KD1TF 
  20. Gary, N1ZLB 
  22. Bob, W1IS, introduced our guest speaker, Daniel Fernandez-Davila, who is a non-ham neighbor of his. 
  23. George, K1IG, previously emailed Daniel’s background, and a number of his videos.  Daniel is an active archaeologist who has conducted excavations and mapping projects in the Andes and continues doing independent research in the north cloud forest of Peru.  
  24. Tonight’s talk was how radio communication was essential for his humanitarian work in connecting with the remote villages of northern Peru. 
  25. Daniel’s expeditions (not a glamping type tour) was assisted by the use of Midland HT’s.  These were found to be unreliable in the wet weather and were limited in range.  W1IS recommended switching to the Baofeng HT’s and mobile radios.  With these replacements Daniel’s operations were significantly improved. 
  26. After his talk, there were some interesting Q&A’s – power sources; frequencies used; and how he got the equipment through customs. 
  27. If you get a chance take a look at the videos that accompanied George’s meeting announcement. 
  28. One example: 
  31. The next speaker was Bill, K1NS, who spoke on what is the correct name for the last letter of the alphabet - Zee or Zed.  Zed is the last name of the alphabet. 
  33. George, K1IG, gave the preliminary Field Day 2020 scores. 
  34. The final numbers will be published in November. 
  35. 21 PART members submitted logs to the ARRL. 
  36. PART score exceeded 10,000 points. 
  37. Leader Board stats: 
  38.                               Contacts              Total Points 
  39. W1IS                     441                       1781 
  40. KB1OIQ                382                                       
  41. K1IG                      182                       1058 
  42. W1DJ                                                  1020 
  44. Being no further business, the meeting ended at 8:30 PM, however, a rag chew followed on the WebEx platform for a little while longer. 

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