Board of Directors

The Police Amateur Radio Team of Westford operates under a set of bylaws that dictate our charter and our organizational structure. To administratively maintain the organization, a board of directors is elected by the general membership. PART current board consists of the following:

Voting members

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From left to right:
President - Andy Stewart (KB1OIQ), Vice President - George Allison (K1IG), Secretary - Chauncey Chu (K1OPE), Treasurer - Alan Martin (W1AHM) & Director at Large - Bob Glorioso (W1IS)

Non-voting, appointed and/or volunteer members

Club Trustee - Dave Welsh - WI1R

RACES Officer - Hugh Maguire - N1QGE (appointed Town of Westford RACES Officer)

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Senior Club Advisor - Bo Budinger - WA1QYM

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Senior Club Advisor & PARTicles Editor - Terry Stader - KA8SCP

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Membership Chairman - Hugh Maguire - N1QGE

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Public Information Officer - Lela Smith - KC1ACV